Slopfest 420

Musical Moves

aslopp loppb slopfest4

The absolute last thing I wanted for my 21st birthday was to run around King St in Charleston wasted, wearing a sash going to Midtown, doing the same damn thing I do every weekend.  Those who know me, it comes to no surprise that I had to find a festival or show for to celebrate.  I am never at a loss of options seeing as those my birthday falls just shy of four twenty.  I decided to head to ATL (hoe) for Sweetwater 420 Fest.  At $60 for three days, and a diverse lineup it was an obvious choice.  The weather was far from ideal, but it definitely did not stop me from having a more than perfect birthday, with my two high school best friends by my side.  A weekend of rain completely destroyed Olympic Centennial Park, turning it into a slop show. Rounding out night one with Snoop Dog, had the weekend off to a great start.  Seeing Warren Haynes with Govt Mule was another highlight.  And of course The Floozies, put on a great show.  Slightly Stoopid stole the show on Sunday.  Details of the weekend I do not know, but I do know it was a goooood ass time.  But if your 21st weekend isn’t blurry, I don’t think you’re doing it right.

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