When in Rome….

Musical Moves


Counterpoint.  Where do I even begin when it comes to describing the rolling hills of Kingston Downs.  What do I think of most when I think of Counterpoint? family.  It is a place where almost everyone who has been a part of my journey of the last couple of years, we all came to.  My brother was there.  That was the most important special part.  He was able to have a slight glimpse of what I love, and why I do it.  My festival family is all at a distance.  November was the last time we were all together.  And what a magical way to reunite.  I had friends from high school, middle school, college, there and just many more beautiful souls I have found through a shared bond to music.

Last year I experienced my first camping fest and my first Counterpoint, with just one person, the most important and biggest part of my heart.  I knew it would not be the same. Even with so many positive people around me whom I adore, I knew these hills would strike me with old memories and bring me many moments of loneliness.

The trek from Charleston to Rome left me anxious for the things to come that weekend.  But a good anxious.  The almost two hour line to get into the festival did not help with everyone being on edge.  I was just ready to get in there and romp around. Not wait and wait andddd wait.  But we just grabbed a beer and turned the will call line into our own meet up place.  Although we had to miss a few acts we wanted to see like, Tauk, it was worth it to all be together. And the universe knew it would be aright because it placed us next to the BEST neighbors, and now fam members.


Friday night was an overload of bass. One man stole the show and “it’s fuckin’ Zomboy”.  When you’re an artist and you go on BEFORE Excision and u make his set like look some weak shit, you know you have out done yourself.  His visuals, his energy, and everything was perfect.  Dubstep is far from dead my friends, and you can thank Zomboy for that.

Saturday: GRiZ, WSmfP, Dillon Francis, and Silent Disco til you cant no mo.  Took awhile to get my energy up on this day.  The first night you always say, “ima take it slow and easy”, but when they through the bass heavy weights at you, that comes close to impossible to do.  Majority of the day we just chilly chilled on the hill taking it all in.  Anyone who is a GRiZ fan knows what a gnarly weekend this man head.  Came straight from Lightening in a Bottle to Counterpoint then straight to Mysteryland right after, then into Summercamp, and up to Detroit Monday.  He played a 6pm set.  I hate to say is set was just alright, but out of the seven times of seen him it was everything I wanted it to me.  But it could be due to many factors.  Daytime sets are never as good as night time because you loose the effect of the lights and visuals.  Also, his sound was so lowwwww.  Like come on CP, crank it up for the funk master.

Widespread Panic.  I have no words.  Killlllllller set. Killllllller vibes.  Killlllllller crowd.  Brought out Jimmy’s son, Carter Herring, for a sit in.  They closed out the mainstage that night, we no one following.  Their set was over at 11, but the festival still went on for two more hours.  A moment happened that I will never forget.  Schools looked over at The Steeple Stage where RL Grime was throwin down and said something along the lines of “Since their over there droppin’ the bass, were going to play a make believe encore. Give us just a moment.”  The boys proceed to play Ramble on Rose, a Grateful Dead cover, that was cut from the Dear Jerry performance, and a song never played in the band’s history.  To be able to witness that with my brother next to me was definitely a moment I will forever cherish.


Next, I sat on the hill watchin Papadosio.  They’re always great, but I was in the mood for a little something different.  I romped my way over to Dillon Francis.  When I first found EDM, my love was always tellin’ me about Dillon Francis, the master of moombahton.  I instantly feel in love.  I remember sitting in my freshman year dorm room listening to Masta Blasta and So Young, So High Remix.  But in the two years since, I have fallen off the Dillon train.  He started making bullshit Big Room House and turning into a douchebag sellout.  He was not even on my list of who to see on Saturday.  Boy, am I glad I made it over there.  It was like a set I would have seen him play March circa 2013.  Far from disappointed, biggest surprise of the weekend for sure.

Leaving that set with a huge smile on my face, I was not ready for the night to be over.  Me, Laney, and Carter made our way to the Silent Disco.  This was my first, and will not be my last. Loved it.  You see half the crowd vibin’ to the glitchy bass of Michael Menert and the other half screaming All the Small Things by Blink-182 because some 14-year old was spinning nineties throwbacks.  The best way to come back together and just have pure fun to end an extraordinary day.


The organizers of Counterpoint were very deliberate in who they choose for the Sunday lineup.  By Sunday, just no ones cares.  We’re dirty, we’re tired, our serotonin is low.  At this point people just don’t care.  Also, was the hottest day yet, by a landslide.  Started out a Lettuce, who absolutely did not disappoint.  These dudes (and gal) are making funk music cool again.  For some reason, which i’m sure I can guess, I was feeling off my game and slightly introverted.  I decided to do some wandering, check out some vendors, check out some music, and listen to a voice that I needed to hear to change me mood.  Met up with the fam for Tipper.  Hate to say, I was not feeling it.  The set time he was given did not set the mood needed for a great Tipper set.  I made my way by my lonesome to Kygo.  All i gotta say is, wow.  Am i glad i did.  Second best set of the week.  The sun was setting behind the hill.  His transitions were smooth, and his song selection was perfection.  Was back together with everyone for Zedd.  Another act not quite at the top of my list to see, but since he was the only one during that time slot, there was no other option.  Was extremely content  and a little caught off guard at how much fun I had during his set.  But not good enough for me to miss the start of Zed’s Dead.  I was sprinting to the Steeple Stage.  They threw down. Bottum line.  Best part of the set was that we were all together.  They dropped Boss Mode, which is all the EDCO crew’s jam.  Standing on that hill watching the firework finale, a lot of things went through my mind.  Blessed to be at this place for the second year.  Blessed to be with these people.  Blessed to be surrounded by old friends.  Blessed to have crossed paths with the beautiful souls that became new friends.  Although the one thing I wanted there was missing, I am blessed to stand there and miss someone who may be 3,000 miles away at a different festival, but is still looking at the same moon that I am.


I LOVE YOU, COUNTERPOINT. You are a place that I found a large piece of myself.  You are a place where I have laughed and I have cried.  You are place I hope to always have the opportunity to come back.  Until we meet again.


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