Musical Moves


Due to changed plans and ungodly long lines to get into Counterpoint, I unfortunately did not get to check out any of Tauk. A quartet rock fusion band.  Thankfully, they were playing that next Friday at The Charleston Pourhouse.  If you’ve never been to PoHo, I can assure you, you will always meet good-ass people.  Definitely a local, down to get down kinda crowd.  This was a show, I decided I was not going to miss, even if it meant going alone.  Boy, was it more than I expected.  I saw handful of people rockin’ their CP wristbands and this lead to great conversation. The passion each member had for their instrument and their music was impossible not to notice.  Each member, almost seemed to have a radiating smile the entire set.  People constantly give me shit, for lack of better terms, for liking music with no lyrics, no vocalist.  Which, for the most part, is entirely untrue.  Expect when it comes to TAUK.  Honestly, if you through a lyricist in the mix, it would take away from the talent and tone they are trying to exude.  Must say, the drummer, Isaac captured majority of my attention throughout the set.  If you are heading to Electric Forest,  they have multiple sets throughout the weekend, and it will not be something to miss.  Biggest thing I learned from this show, is never miss a show.  If its local, and you have the time and money, just go.  Don’t worry about the details.  Moments with no expectations lead to the greatest memories.

Here’s the link to their latest album Collisions

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