Galaxies Between Us

Musical Moves

kill paris

Anytime there is show at the Music Farm that I am even remotely interested in, I am there.  I heard Kill Paris was making his way down south months ago, and I was like, “Ya I’m down, I’m there.”  I didn’t really know much of his music.  And despite my knowledge of him opening for Bassnectar, on several occasions, I had some idea in my mind that his style was some bullshit, mainstream house.  Last minute, I had friends from home decide to come down, and we had a lil’ crew assembled.  I knew it would be fun for that reason, but I did not think it would be a great set.

Welp, I was mistaken.

The first opener, needed to, for lack of better terms, gtfo.  He had this weird mask thing going on and his set made me want to go outside and wait for the next act to come on.  The next dude though, was sick.  Threw down some glitchy bass.   I was about it.

The crowd was weird, and kinda small.  But that is probably due to the fact that it is summer.  Kill Paris put Big Gigantic and Griz in his set.  Something other artists don’t even try to do.  It was a surprise, but a good one.  He also played tracks by artists like Porter Robinson and Cashmere Cat.  It was everything I wanted to hear.  Not to mention he was killin’ it on the keytar.

Essentially, it was good times with good people, and surprisingly great music.  If you see Kill Paris on a lineup, or coming near you.  Go.  You won’t be disappointed.  Great pick me up for that post-counterpoint depression we were all feeling.

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