Happy Forest!

Musical Moves


Electric Forest. I don’t know where to start or even how to begin.  EF is a mecca of sorts for people who come from the same musical scene I am a part of.  As a lover of electronic music, who also doesn’t mind some jam thrown in there, the lineup was perfection. A little bit of everything I needed.

To say it was everything I wanted and hoped it would be, would not be accurate.  This may be due to the months of anticipation, a negative mindset, or a whirlwind of a personal life I was leading at the same time, I don’t know.  But I never got that heavy sense of family or connection that you hear about so often.

I’m going to get the negatives out of the way before I speak of the breath-taking venue or spectacular music sets.

1. Insomniac//Madison House: get your shit together.  I mean you put on festivals with the magnitude of people such as EDC Las Vegas, you know how to handle a crowd.  A seven and a half hour wait from the entrance to get to your camping spot is uncalled for.  Followed by a two and a half or more hour line to get into the festival.  After a seventeen hour car ride, running on little sleep, that was frustrating.  BUT I will say, the lines were tremendously better as the weekend progressed and getting out of the camp grounds was a breeze.

Also, shout out to the workers for allowing “The Onion” Caravan to never be separated.  Most festivals are huge asshole about that, but props to you guys.


2. Drugs. This music is my life, my passion.  It is like therapy to me.  Festivals are my escape from reality.  Being there and the experience is more than enough for me. Seeing what I saw by was extremely heart breaking to me, and set a negative tone for me.  I think everyone needs to remember the real reason for events such as these.  It’s a safe haven.  A place to be free of judgments.  A place to dance endlessly.  A place to laugh, and love.  It is days that are meant to be remembered, not forgotten due to foreign substances.  Especially a place like Electric Forest.  It is so magical on its own.

Alright now the good stuff. The  m u s i c.

One word: LOTUS. Wow. I have never been so moved by a set in my entire life.  I wasn’t even going to see them. But I was already at Lettuce so I was like “whatever, I’ll stay”.  I had never even heard anything from them before.  Just wow. Those mofos can JAM.

Jubilee was my favorite stage by far.  It was a like a lil wonderland in that tent with all the lanterns.  The most perfect place to see TAUK.  I got to catch some of their day and night time set, so I was a happy girl. Y’all already know how I feel about those boys.  They rock.


I thought Alison Wonderland was one of the best electronic sets of the weekend.  Her visuals were interesting.  It was all this psychedelic, live video feed of her mixing.  Her motive was definitely to show everyone that she’s a girl and shes up there mixing like the boys.  It was real cool.

Saw around ten hours of String Cheese Incident.  They’re good, but they ain’t no Widespread Panic.  Saturday night cheese rocked, as much as everyone said it would.  Awesome fire works, hot air ballons filling the sky.  Real cool.

Bassnectar: disappointing.  Nothing like what I saw him doing at Red Rocks. Nothing like a true heavy Nectar set.  Breaks my heart to say.

Kaskade and Odesza played the first night.  I know they had great sets, but at that time I was so overwhelmed trying to take it all in I don’t have many details.  BUT, I do know I romped over to see Eoto at Jubilee.  Good thing I did.  Second favorite set of the weekend.  It was like a live dubstep show with a psychedelic rock twist.  Killer.

The forest itself was like a giant, adult playground, and grew into something magical at night.  I know I’ve used that word a million times to describe it, but I have no other word for it.


I feel as though I should have much more to say, but I don’t.  My experience was very internal and something I cannot seem to vocalize.  Would I go back? I truly do not know.  Maybe under different circumstances.  Or maybe with a better mindset.

But it was another adventure-filled with people I hold near and dear to my heart.  Being able to be with fam members I haven’t seen in months or even years filled me with joy.  Until the next festival………….


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