It All Started Late on a Saturday Night

Musical Moves


Slightly Stoopid was one of my favorite bands in middle school//high school.  Everyone is my home town was alllll about the reggae, or maybe its just that age.  I had the chance to see Slightly Stoo my bday week, which as we all know, I was there, but I also just turned 21 soooo… Anyways, there was some dope openers for this show as well.  The Expendables and Dirty Heads.  The Expendables opened first which surprised me.  Figured they were a way more house hold name, but like I said, it is not really a genre I keep up with too much anymore.  While walking into the venue, so were able to catch the last little bit of their set, but not much.  Dirty Heads was not quite what I had expected.  It was A LOT of rap.  I mean I don’t recall much singing.  But then again, I was more worried at that moment about seeing my friends, eating Home Team BBQ from the food truck while balancing my $5 PBR’s.

Slightly Stoopid was good, really good.  Their sound was so crisp and clear.  Sounded like it was right off the album.  But that was also the problem.  They lacked a lot of showmanship.  Definitely could’ve added a little more to it.  They had a couple of moments where they jammed out, which I was happy about.


I think the best part might have been the venue and set up.  More events should definitely go down at Charleston Tea Plantation.  A little far away but easy to get in and out of.  Totally worth the drive.  It was like a mini festival.  Food Trucks, and an open lawn just to romp in.  Definitely good vibes all around.  My only complaint would have to be the ditches on either side.  People were busting ass left and right.  I was also a victim.

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