Dance Around, Dancing on Your Thunder

Musical Moves


Like I’ve said before, if there is something close by and you think you might want to go. Always go. Whether you have 10 people to go with or just one.  Last minute decisions, I have yet to regret one.  I had not listened to very much Trevor Hall since high school. But of course I was still down to check him out.

It was truly the most positivity I have felt at a show, in a long, long time.  There was all kinds of people there.  All ages.  Yea people were drinking, but no one was wasted or acting a foul.  It was extremely refreshing to see.

Trevor is from Hilton Head, so he spoke of it being a hometown show and that his family was there.  That was really, really cool to see.

His sound was awesome.  There was so much more to it than when you just listen to it on a track.  Also the words and wisdom he shared with the crowd really resonated in my soul.

The two most standout moments to me was when he played a Cranberries cover.  And when he started to speak of the Emanuel 9 before he played his song unity.  It put real world meaning to his songs and brought it full circle.

Shout out to my roomie, my lil lime tree, for the best night ever.


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