Family Traditions are the Best Traditions

Musical Moves

I don’t know if you can rightfully call yourself a Charlestonian if you have seen Hootie and the Blowfish at Family Circle Stadium on Daniel Island.  This was my familly’s fourth year going together.  But first year without any rain.  It is the best way to end the summer before going back to school and work.  There is a such a local, “homegrown” if you will vibe to the show.  It is always filled with friends and familiar faces.

The opener was nothing to brag about.  Just a typical opener.  Played alright music, but no one really cared.

If anyone knows any inkling about Darius Rucker, then you know he loves two things and will make sure you know it. Charleston and Carolina Gamecocks.  Clemson jokes will be made.  If you’re wearing Clemson attire and you’re close to the front you will be called out.  Also brought out Big George Rodgers, Carolina’s only Heisman Trophy winner on stage.


He did not fail to show his love for Charleston either.  When he began to express his emotions toward the Emanuel 9, it was truly a beautiful moment.  Like it said, it is a local homegrown feel, something everyone had emotion towards.  Then proceeded to play Amazing Grace, not too many dry eyes out there. That’s for sure.


The boys play all the hits you want to hear, but also never fail to hit you with some good ole classic covers.  From Zeppelin to “End of the World” to “Champagne Supernova”, to giving you the funk with “Get Down on It” there were plenty of sing a longs for the crowd.

Only complaint was the it was hot as hell.  But I expect nothing less from a South Carolina August night.

I will be there year after year as long as they do it with my three best friends by my side.

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