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My angel of a friend and I embarked on a quick road trip to San Diego while spring breaking in Southern California.  We had been listening non-stop to Odesza leading up to our trip, in the hopes of making it to CRSSD Fest to catch their closing set.

In the car on the way there, while going over our options, we put on some Papadosio and collectively decided their show at the House of Blues was the move.

We enjoyed some pre-show sushi, cocktails, and laughs before heading to the venue.  I was the only one of our crew familiar with the band, but you would’ve never known that by the way everyone was boogying.  That night was a long strange trip.  It was as though the four of us who had never even met had always been friends.  To see the happiness on my friend’s face to be in the same place with people so special to her from such different parts of her like was an uplifting sight.


It is always interesting to go to a show outside of your region.  I’m used to the southeast.  I know what kind of crowd I’m going to get and the sort of people I will meet.  San Diego was a much, much different Dosio crowd.  Normally it is pinheads, dreadheads and hippy chicks.  But here, right in front of me was seemingly put together drunk dudes from Illinos, talking like they knew jam bands but never head of Widespread Panic so pshh.  Then everyone else was just grunge with lip rings dangling from their face.  At the same time they probably looked at our little group, like what?

“All I knew” was the song that stood out to me the most.  Its riffs are and lyrics are so captivating and beautiful.  The song encompasses why I love Papadosio.  They are always spreading positivity, and this tune radiates that.


The moment that I will never forget for all of my life though was when Codie looked at me and said “This song, do you know this song”.  Luckily I did so I said “Yes”.  She responded with “This song, remember it.  Keep it in your brain.  And whenever I ask about it tomorrow tell me what it is.”  It is “The Sum” and I got you anytime you ask for it.

I just want to end this post by saying “FLAME”.  That night was flame.  Shout out to Poppy the world’s slowest uber driver for taking us back to Normal Heights in a space ship.


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