Same Rowdy Crowd is Back Again

Musical Moves


When the boys all the way from Athens, Georgia opened with Heroes, I knew this was not going to be a weekend run to miss.  I know they say “never miss a Sunday show”, but never miss a hometown show either.

There is few feelings like seeing your favorite band, in the same venue your dance recital was held for 15 years.  I think dancing is what sprouted my love of music.  I remember running around those halls in my tap shoes for years.  The Township is an extra special place for me, which makes seeing WSP up on that stage feel even more like home.

Night one standout moment had to be Diner > Porch > Bust it Big.   I mean that sequence was utter flame.

I could’ve done without a “Street Dogs” encore, but luckily that was followed by “It Stoned Me”  The boys rendition of the Van Morrison original never gets old.  It is the jam you just grab your buddies next to you and belt at the top of your lungs.

Speaking of “Street Dogs”, thanks to the red hot mama who looked at me in the midst of my complaining while exiting the auditorium and said “you get what you get, and you don’t pitch a fit”.  You keep me humble, and I thank you. (LOL)

Nothing like some late night Bar None cheese fries to end the night and remind you that you’re home in Columbia, The City of Dreams.


Back at it again the next day for round two.  Valentine’s Day, Sunday show.  No question of if it was going to be a heater or not.  Drank a few too many $8 beers to remember my exact favorite moments, but we were Jimmy Side so my enthusiasm was through the roof.  With a first set containing Rebirtha, Shut up and Drive, and Airplane.  It was off to a good start in my book.

“Driving Song” sandwich never disappoints and a little “Sharon” action at the end brings nothing but smiles.

Every time I see these guys play, I love them, their message and their music more and more.  Township shows will always be some of my fondest memories

Missed out or simply want to relive it? Links to both nights are below:

 Sunday Show

Saturday Show


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