SCI feels like home

Musical Moves


I remember a years ago people talking about this band with the stupidest name.  My exact response was “The String Cheese, what? Must be weird”.

Opps, now here I am.  Rounding out 2015, I have been to two SCI festivals and seen approximately 18 cheese sets and started hula hooping.  I get it now (clearly), and I deeply apologize for my judgments.  I love that Colorado vibe that they give off.  They can go from bluegrass, to classic jam-band style, to some heavy electronic infused jams.  They’re versatile.  They created a place where everyone at a festival comes to begin their evening.  Its home base, or a safe haven.  That is what I learned in the 2015 festival season.  I am now a fan because they create a family.

The last of my California spring break, was Santa Barbara.  I love Santa Barbara.  I feel at peace when I am there.  As far as a jam-band scene I do not see it being a popular, present thing there.

When I saw SCI was playing at Arlington Theater while I was in town, I knew I had to be there.  So I dragged my love along for the ride.  I was apprehensive about what the crowd would be like since I had just seen Papadosio in San Diego and it wasn’t what I was used to.


When I walked in I couldn’t shake the smile off my face because it was the exact crowd I was used to. I just remember being slightly tipsy and yelling at Matt “Yes these are my people.  These are my hippy people.”  He couldn’t help but laugh and call me crazy.

Previously, I had only seen the cheese at festivals, never on tour.  It was such a neat, cool thing to witness.  The venue was insane.  You were inside (obviously, its a theater) but there was all these southwest style buildings along the side, so it made you look like you were outside in a little village market place.  It was crazy cool.

Their lighting set up was beautiful.  My favorite moment was hearing “Song in my Head” and the visuals to match were captivating.  I also won’t forget Bill was wearing the headiest Broncos shirt I’d ever seen.

My night ended too short, but I am happy to got to experience it, especially with my best friend by my side.


Click here to peep the Set List



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