Musical Moves

My dad, he loves music just like me. Even though it may be different, we also share a ton of the same. Growing up, he had me listening to ACDC, Def Leppard, Guns n Roses, ZZ Top, and even took me to see one of our favorites, Aerosmith, when i was in just the fourth grade.

Anyone whose knows my dad knows he is youthful and the biggest ball of fun. Pretty sure people would rather hangout with him than me. He can make a friend whereever he goes. We also share so many similar traits. We are two peas in a pod, or one of a kind.

This great man took me to see Pearl Jam in 2008. I loved PJ then and continue to love them now.

PJ decided to make a return appearance to Columbia and CLA. And what do you know, it was only days after my 22nd birthday. What a birthday present that was to see one of my favorite bands with my favorite man.

Boy did Eddie rock it out that night!  I feel like many bands are trying to keep up with the changing times and trends by having these huge jumbo screens and extragent light shows, but not Pearl Jam. They kept the it simple. They made the concert ALL about the tunes.

Highlight of the night was when they played “Rockin’ in the Free World” a Neil Young cover. My dad had been waiting all night to here it and pure joy radiated from the crowd as they sang along.

They played over three hours and had no opening act. What more can a fan ask for. One thing I do wish is that they would’ve played daughter while I was with my daddy. We didn’t get to hear it back in ’08 and it failed to make an appearance in ’16.

Just means more Pearl Jam shows in the future for me and Big Mike.

PS I love you, Daddy.


***this post is from April 2016, but never went through. I found it in in my drafts and had to share********8

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