Panic and Loathing in Las Vegas

Musical Moves



Not all things go as planned. I thought I’d be seeing Widespread Panic at Red Rocks this year, but unfortunately the stars did not align. But luckily they aligned in another way: Vegas. I was blessed to not only spend a week with the three most important people whom I had just moved too far from, but my summer tour wishes had come true too.


Vegas is a trip. It’s hot. But not like South Carolina hot where you sweat your ass completely off, but dry heat where you just feel as though your skin is going to burn off. I have yet to decide which one is better. There is lights and people and alcohol everywhere. One thing I could get real used to their open container policy. Reminded me of being back in Barcelona. If that was implemented across the country, we’d have a lot more happy people, I tell ya. You’d also have too many poor people, since you basically have to sell your organs on the black market to be able to afford to a drink in Sin City.


I was so excited to see the boys, especially with my number one Panic partner, my brother. I have only been to one WSP show without him. He’s also a trooper because I made him wear matching black and white Mikey “Ace of Spades” shirts with me. We looked like some wook couple who had just eloped before the show. These shows were extra special and different than all the rest because of the sit-ins from the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Nothing like Panic with some horns. What also made it different was the setup of the venue. One had to waltz through the casino to get to the stage area. This is a general theme in Vegas though. One cannot get anywhere without walking through a casino first. Since there was no lot, everyone just enjoyed their pre-show brews in the lobby. I feel for the normal humans trying to enjoy a simple summer getaway that had their hotel bombarded by tie dye drenched dread heads.


Obviously everyone knows I’ve been chasing this one song (Coconuts), and they’ve played it with DDBB in the past. Honestly, I’ll just jump ahead. I was filled with false hope that I’d finally get to hear what I was chasing. I was wrong. Here I am, still chasing….

The musical highlight of this run for me at to be the Mountain Jam after Last Straw. We we’re both like wait…. Are the playing The Allman Brother’s right now? Not to mention you can never go wrong with a second set Protein > Sewing set closer. Panic Vegas, all in all 10/10 would for sure again.


Check the streams for yourself:

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