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Wow, it has been awhile hasn’t it? This used to be a huge outlet for me and I let it slip away. The reason was definitely not to my lack of musical ventures. I’m not entirely sure what happened. Maybe I was too caught up in work, lacking my creative brain, or frankly, just plain lazy. Sitting behind a computer all day writing, definitely makes it hard to want to go home and do it all over again, even if it is for pleasure.

But I’m back baby! And for a new reason. To reflect and document my travels. Did I mention I’m moving to Bangkok?

Here is a catch up on allllll the shit you’ve missed in the last year or so. I saw my first Phish show, with a sit-in from the one and only Mr. Bobby Weir. (crazy!). I saw Widdeeessprreeead PANIC in my new (soon to be old) city for New Year’s Eve. Side note: I went to eat lunch the next day and Jojo was sitting at the bar right behind me. You’d be proud to know I refrained from fan girling, but like Go Jojo, amiright?! I went to Mexico and crossed visiting my second World Wonder off the bucket list. I traveled to Colorado for three nights on the rocks with the boys. (If you don’t know who the boys are by now …. ). I saw Del and Dawg cover Grateful Dead tracks on Halloween at Cumberland Caverns, one of the most spectacular and intimate venues in the country. Made a crazy last minute decision to go see Odesza>WSP in the rain at SLOSS Fest in B-Ham. I went to DC and had the pleasure to meet the amazingly talented, Eric Krasno. I saw TAUK, Elephant Revival and Papadosio, all separate times at my favorite Nashville venue, Mercy Lounge. I saw Greensky Bluegrass play a string of reggae tunes at Marathon Music Works. Two nights of PL, in Nashvegas. I marched for Women’s Rights and I witnessed some of the BEST people I know get married. For my final Nashville show I boogied through the night with STS9. I successfully made three trips to Asheville, best place evaaa and saw snow at the end of March. That was shocking. I traveled to ATL for another birthday spent at Sweetwater 420 fest, and finally made my way back to Virginia for the world’s greatest festival, LOCKN. I saw Yonder Mountain String Band, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and GRiZ all at the original opry, The Ryman Auditorium. I mean the list could go on. I truly regret that many memories of these moments will not be remembered forever and that I failed to restore them in words.


Anyways, before I get onto the part of travel, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my time in Nashville. I will miss McDougal’s free ice cream and honey bee sauce. I will miss Yazoo Gerst, but not as much as I have missed Westbrook White Thai. There is a lot I will miss, and things that I won’t. I am thankful for my first post-grad job and the immense opportunity and knowledge I have gained. When you spend up to eight hours a day with people, they become family. They have truly helped me mature and become a “grown up”. I started my time here in a shitty house with losers, then moved into beautiful house with one rad dog, and an even radder chick. Some things have been easy, and others have been not so easy. Life after college does come with growing pains.

Leaving Nashville for me is definitely bitter sweet. While there are people and things I will miss, I can’t wait to get outta here and continue on with my life. If you know me you know I don’t like to be in on place for too long. I definitely feel I have lost some aspects of who I am during my time living here. I really hope to gain them back, but with that being said, I wouldn’t change a single thing about my journey.

So I leave in a week and half. Super crazy. I am feeling really calm and at peace with this decision to leave all of this stability and comfort of Corporate America/suburban life to go live ~9,000 miles away. I asked my mom if I was psycho? Her answer was “Probably!”. I can’t say I don’t agree with her. But it is doing crazy things such as this that make me happy. Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but I hope at the end of everyday when I lay me head down to know I am living a life that makes me happy.

The things I think I will miss the most: live music (mostly asking myself, what will I do without seeing WSP for at least 8 months L), Zaxby’s (can I get a ranch and honey mustard, no zax sauce?) and Drakey-doodle rakey bug.


Things I won’t miss: sitting on a computer that is in front of a TV playing the news and then going home and watching Netflix on my computer while I sit on my phone. Seriously, what the hell, Kara? I am ready as ever to unplug. Also, I am ecstatic to leave my almost hour long commute in the dust. To think I waste two hours of my day sitting in a year. Oof, that one hurts.

Anyways, more to come on my adventures! I’m sure my “I’m sitting in LAX, holy shit what I am doing post” will come next. For now, I’m so ready to “Take on the World: Round 2” with the best gal ever, the ying to my yang, the one and only – Hannah Gosney. Here’s to the final days of packing, goodbyes and Chick- Fil-A before the 21-hour trek to my new destination……..

****SIDE NOTE****

To keep with the theme of music, I decided to share a track/set/album, whatever I’m into at the moment or something the relates to where I am at the end of every post.

This is one of those “EDM” tunes I am super into at the moment. If you take a listen you’ll see why. Enjoy!

The Mary Nixons – Adrian

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