Still waiting for my “Oh Shit” Moment


Some of my goodbyes were filled with tears. But after three states and multiple cities, by the end I had no more tears to cry. I was ready. I wouldn’t say most people in my life would use “calm” as the first to word to describe me, but that’s what I was. Saying goodbye – calm, packing up my life – calm, getting on the plane – calm, landing in Bangkok – calm. I’m still waiting for my “Oh Shit” moment to slap me in the face, but maybe it never will. Maybe this is truly what I’m suppose to be doing.

Now onto the story. I wish I had some crazy travel insanity to share, but I don’t. My ATL>LAX>ICN>BKK flight was such a breeze. No delays, no lost luggage. Only complaint was my never ending middle seat, but even then, I watched good movies and slept like a baby, so I don’t even want to be a brat and include that as a downfall.


I left Atlanta on Thursday, October 19th. I landed in Bangkok on Saturday, October 21st. We spent most of our first night in Bangkok overcoming jet lag, which was definitely needed. I mean, hey I have six months to explore. We did a quick cruise around our hostel, just to take it all in.


Thennnnn, the least chill taxi ride of my entire existence occurred. So we live in Bang Yai, Nonthaburi. About a 30-45 minute (ish) cab ride Northwest of the city. We were like “Oh it’s chill, we have to name and what we think is in the address in Thai from Google Maps.” It wasn’t that simple. Our cab driver spoke not a word of English. Why should he? He does live in Thailand after all. We were the ones making it difficult for him most likely. We had no way to even pull up a new map on our phone because they were both not set up for service. No calls could be made. No texts. Nothing. Almost 2 hours later, we finally arrive. I thought I was just going to die from pure anxiety while Hannah was one slammed brakes and speed bump away from puking. I mean the cab smelled of moth balls and fingernail polish remover, so can you blame us?

Once we arrive, we have to wait and wait on our landlord’s dad (weird, I know) to come let us into our apartments. We come to find out only ONE will be ready. Thankfully Hannah is the an angel and let me take the first room. I needed to like unpack and organize for my psyche. We ended up being roommates for over a week. We did tell our landlord we wanted to share a place, so this was our moment i guess.

The apartment is great! Super close to school. Clean. Great pool, and sunbathing roof. But, my teeny apartment just still doesn’t feel like home which is the hardest part of being here, I think. My rooms have always been filled with paintings, twinkle lights, tapestries, all my lil’ knick knacks, Widespread Panic prints and a million photos. Oh, and Drake waiting for me in my bed. Everything is bare and my couch looks like it a diner booth from the movie Grease. It needs a little more Kara touch.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

(If anyone wants to help out in that department ;), my address is 9/302 Plum Condo Bang Yai Station, Moo 10, Banrak-Pattana, Bang Buathong, Nonthaburi, Thailand, 11110)

—I know I’m supppper uber behind on my posts. But I finally got WiFi in my apartment and into the groove of things. I will be posting my life back in school as well as my adventures to Vietnam in the next few days. STAY TUNED!—–

I miss you all. I’m happy. Super friggin happy. Are you?


On my last trip, I was in the midst of a mental breakdown and the toughest experience I ever had to go through, but I powered through. I listened to this Spotify Playlist on repeat every single day of that trip. whether it was during solo strolls in the streets of Barcelona or morning yoga in Morocco. It made me happy and I always felt at peace as the notes streamed through my earbuds. Maybe it will do the same for you….

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