100 Thankful Thoughts



This year I feel so far removed from Thanksgiving. I see all my friends going home on social media, I thought to myself, “wait what, weird everyone is with their families at the same time.” Then I soon realized, they are going home for the holiday. Just because I am 9,000 miles away, I still want to feel this extra bit of gratitude that comes around in November. This is the first Thanksgiving of my entire life that my whole family will be in Columbia, and I won’t be there, so that hurts. Also, when I think about not watching the Carolina/Clemson game with my three favorite people, it hurts.

My best friend, Codie, once took at class in college, where she was asked to write down 100 things she is thankful for, so I have decided to do the same as a way to connect myself to that warmth of home.

  1. The Smoak Stacks. The three best people on the whole entire Earth. NO ONE. I repeat, NO ONE has a family has badass and caring as mine.
  2. Charleston, SC. The home I created for myself.
  3. Tony Drake/Doodle Bug Baby. You saved my soul so many times.
  4. JRI
  5. Bike rides on a spring day
  6. Yoga
  7. Stamps in my passport
  8. Hot tea
  9. Music Festivals and my music family
  10. Everyone in the Jason is a Shoobie Group Chat
  11. Nashville, TN. The city the turned me into an adult and my Nissan family.
  12. Charleston Pourhouse
  13. Fried Chicken (Zaxby’s/Chick-Fi-La/MacDougal’s)
  14. Journals – blank or filled
  15. The fact that I no longer have to wear shoes at work
  16. My Granny, my guardian angel ❤ … and my Papa the man who has given me so much.
  17. My Nana who has desserts ready everytime I go to her house.
  18. Summer family beach trips
  19. Carolina Football/Basketball/Baseball
  20. the SF Giants
  21. San Jose Mexican Restaurant (I miss you.)
  22. My health
  23. Facetime!! Makes the world feel way less small
  24. 15 years of dance and my Dance World family
  25. Codie Kyle and London Lecy — the two best friends a girl could possibly ask for
  26. Planes, trains and automobiles
  27. Love – any and all kinds
  28. Widespread Panicccccc
  29. Film Photography
  30. My US citizenship, as much as it seems like a pain in the ass lately
  31. a gooooood pillow and pair of PJ pants
  32. Curly Bear – you my day one girl
  33. Chris Eckard for always being there for me and dealing with my crazy ass shit
  34. Summer days on the lake and fishing off the dock with my Grandpa
  35. PanicStream.Com
  36. Adam Sandler movies
  37. Jerry Garcia
  38. Jean Shorts
  39. Handwritten Recipe book from my Nana
  40. Postcards/Handwritten letters
  41. My daddy’s cooking
  42. Never going a day without food on the table and shelter over my head
  43. My college degree
  44. Sandy toes and salty hair
  45. Fresh flowers
  46. Long sleeve t-shirts
  47. Sunsets/Sunrises
  48. Sleeping through the night without waking up
  49. Meaningful conversation
  50. Westbrook White Thai
  51. Camping trips
  52. Spring and Summer
  53. Two-armed hugs
  54. Fresh fruits and veggies
  55. Open bar weddings
  56. Craigslist – it has given me a lot of good roommates they could’ve been serial killers, but weren’t
  57. 5 Points Pizza
  58. Glasses/contacts so that I have the ability to see more than 16 inches in front of me
  59. Art supplies and a blank canvas
  60. Books, real books. Not that kindle/iPad bs
  61. Avocado Toast
  62. My family, I’m so dang thankful for them, I gotta put it on here twice
  63. Belly laughs
  64. My kiddos at school
  65. Fuzzy blankets
  66. Gel manicures
  67. A/C and Heat. Truly a luxury we take for granted.
  68. Access to clean water (not currently)
  69. A hot shower, we tons of water pressure
  70. Farmer’s Markets
  71. Therapy/Anti-depressants — I would’ve never overcome my Panic without it.
  72. Change – keeps like fresh and exciting, even if it is difficult
  73. Essential Oils
  74. Simple acts of kindness
  75. Eyecontact
  76. Early mornings and late nights
  77. Strength (and weakness)
  78. Queso
  79. Cooking aka finding the perfect Pinterest recipe
  80. Trader Joe’s
  81. Finding money in the pocket of your jeans
  82. Swimming
  83. Candles
  84. Crop tops
  85. My rings – each has a story and each is special
  86. Sectional couches
  87. Being a woman, especially because I can take a big purse to the movie filled with candy
  88. Turning dreams into realities
  89. Baggy, old hoodies
  90. Southwest Rapid Rewards Points
  91. Uber
  92. My eno hammock
  93. Patch covered pack
  94. Toilet Paper (You really don’t know how important this is until you move to Thailand)
  95. Supportive humans
  96. Waking up after a night of drinking without a hang over
  97. Any moment that I am in a bathing suit
  98. Tapestries & my festie scarf – they have so many uses, you don’t even understand
  99. California
  100. Being alive and being able to be a part of this beautiful life and beautiful earth. I am continually blessed by my surroundings and the people placed in my life.

Now I challenge you! What are you thankful for?

The song for this post needs no explanation.

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