So Long, Farewell K 2/1


I didn’t think I would be this sad when the day came, but I truly am. Before I departed for Thailand, I didn’t think I loved kids or that they loved me. I never wanted to be a teacher, but I will be leaving with a whole new perspective. I started out reluctant to leave my easy subject teacher position to move to a bigger challenge that completely shaped the way my entire Thailand experience turned out.


Also, my girl Cam leaves this weekend too, so it is a sad time. We have been together almost every day, since I landed and it will be sad to see her go. I wish her nothing but the best for her future! It feels like college all over again, where everything you know slowly starts to trickle away. Even though I have a good bit of time left, it feels like it is all over just because so much is changing. I know I will be in for some shock and a struggle when finally landing back in the states.

While they were absolute little shits at times, they were angels most of the time. They were so mature and poised, way more than I ever thought possible for 4 and 5-year olds. Of course, there are certain things they struggled with, but I am truly amazed by their intelligence in two languages. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for them to have a complete foreigner standing in front of them 50% of their day.. I mean I constantly get stares at the mall from adults imagine how a child feels.


My poor class has been through the ringer with teachers. Since they started English Program and Kindergarten, they have had three teachers, including me. They embraced me from day one, hanging onto my skirt and calling my over to show me their drawing or their correct answers. I remember my third day with them Ms. Nong said “Oh, student, students like you, Teacha.” That’s when I was sold.

I leave today knowing 30 names and 30 separate personalities. I will never forget this experience or these sweet little faces. I wish I could thank them for giving me an extra bit of youthfulness I thought I had lost. Also, they have pride in even the smallest accomplishments, a trait I hope to gain in myself.


We ended the school year by celebrating little Punch’s birthday, playing games, watching movies and eating snacks. All the students brought cookies, toys, seaweed you know name it to give to their classmates. The kids were so excited and had so much loot that they had to carry around little 7/11 shopping bags just to keep up with it all. They kept saying “Teacha, Teacha, I go shopping. Look, Teacha.” *Heart instantly melts* We sweet lump of sugar ,Elf, of course brought donuts.


It has not been 100% easy, breezy, but my frustrating moments have never been about the kids. They are who made it all worthwhile. So here I leave you with a few short words some of my students. I know they will continue to shine bright in K3! Also, hugeeee thank you to my Thai Teacher Ms. Nong and my assistant. Yall took care of all the dirty work and were always there to lend a hand or help me when I needed. I look forward to more time with them in summer course.


I know, I probably say this about all of them, but Jayda is so sweet and a little genius. She stays curious always wandering up to me, making conversation asking about what am doing or reading. She’s also a string bean who is taller than all the boys. Just like me as a nug.


Pluemsiri, a quiet Einstein. He is so quiet, to the point where you think he is an airhead. It takes a lot to get him to crack a smile, but when he is running and playing with his friends and I see that pure childhood joy, it makes it all worth it. IMG_2471.JPGHe aced every workbook and exam. When he is spelling words he’ll even say “m double o n, moon.” I’m like dang, where did you even learn that? Most kids don’t even know the letter O most of the time.

View, she’s like head b*tch of the class. Definitely an Aries, if I had to guess. She is in control and in charge. Kind of a bully, but kind of smarter than everyone. I can always tell when she is gossiping or telling her friends off in Thai. She is a little sassy pants.


Punch, absolute beauty. She has the highest pitch voice, so friggin’ cute. She always helps her friends who are struggling with their work. IMG_2429Not give them the answer, but actually explain and teach them. See what I’m saying, my kids are like baby grown ups. I will never forget her smile most of all.


Mavin, pronounced “Mawin”. First of all, his dad is babe. I know this from our “Parent Meeting” where I had to present to a class full of people who didn’t comprehend most of what I’m saying. He looooves dinosaurs and always walks around impersonating them. He was the most excited about our Dino Field Trip, but was such a scared boy I had to carry him the entire trip. I didn’t mind though.


Then theres, Cheetah. She says “My name Cheetah, like a tiiiigerrr. Rawr!” She, as Phon-Phon says is very naughty. I must agree. She is always scheming up something. She stays shaking her booty, sexy dancing like she’s Brittney Spears. She cries when she doesn’t get her way or win a game. Hmmm…. This sounds all too familiar to a former 5 year old I used to know.


Last, but not least brings me to Manta. My little curly top boy. He is so precious. He knows all the teachers names and doesn’t fail to say “Hi, Teacha” when one walks past. He loves to dance and practice his English. IMG_2416He is always looking out for me like when its time to potty he goes, “Teacha, class go to tha toilet.” Or “Teacha, wata on desk. Your wata.” Telling me I left my bottle because he didn’t want me to go to lunch without it. He may be 5, but I can tell he will live his life spreading smiles and being genuine to everyone he meets.


Here is my class (and all of Thailand’s) favorite song at the moment. They know all the words and dance moves.

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