Tammy’s Asia Tour: Part Three



Preface: At this point I was tired of dragging my camera around, so I apologize for the low quality images, but there are high quality memories behind them!

After a few fun-filled days in Kanchanaburi, I was ready to show Tammy more of what my weekends at home look like in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Just to give you a glimpse at the size, Bangkok has slightly more people than Los Angeles, and slightly less than New York City so it is a huge place. Filled with markets, street food, temples and incredible malls.

On our cab ride, she was able to see our descend from the “burbs” into the high rises of the city. We checked into our hotel before walking straight to my guilty pleasure in Bangkok, Charley Brown’s. Mexican food is first and foremost my go to meal. I thought I wouldn’t eat chips and salsa for six months, but I was proved wrong. *I strategically picked the hotel location, so that I had easy access to queso.*

After lunch, we purchased our BTS day passes and explored Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit is the area filled with the most insane malls and roof top bars you’ve ever seen. We did a little shopping, but most looking in awe that places like this exist. We didn’t really have any big plans, but came across an aquarium at the bottom of one of these said malls. IMG_7290We both looked at each other and thought “Why not, we have nothing else to do.” Yall, I’ve been to the Atlanta and Charleston Aquarium, but this tops them both. We couldn’t believe how incredibly nice it was. Our faces of excitement blended right in with the kids we were surrounded by. There was a huge tank with stadium seating the reminded me of all the times my grandparents would take us to Riverbanks Zoo where we would sit and carefully follow the swim patterns of the fish for what seemed like hours. After, we went to the mall next door and ran into a Bangkok Fashion Week show. There must’ve been someone famous near because there was tons of screaming girls crowded around flashing lights.

The next day, I took her to my absolute FAVORITE place in Bangkok, Chatuchak Market. It is a weekend market composed of a maze of over 13,000 vendors. They sell everything from vintage tees and denim, Thai street food, art, jewelry, hidden bars, the list goes on. You name it, they got it. We spent hours here, but it gets HOT and overwhelming. We were ready to sit down and enjoy some lunch and A/C. We settled on a food court in the Emporium Mall. By food court, I mean anything and everything you could ever want. High-end western to Thai Street food, acai bowls, burgers, ramen, anything you could want.


We were pooped and ready for some R&R back at the hotel. This included watching a real TV with English movies and some time enjoying our roof top pool. We ended our trip on the best possible note, dinner and drinks at Above 11.

Above 11 has the best rooftop view of anywhere in the city (32 stories high) and luckily we were staying right around the corner. We got dressed up sporting new clothes and jewelry from our shopping escapades and headed out to enjoy our last big moment together. This was my first time here and I am glad I experienced it with Mama Bear. She is probably still laughing at how scared I was. In my defense they have bar stools taller than me right up next to the glass wall that hit right below the shoulders. You KNOW I scooted my chair as far as possible away from the ledge to where I could still reach the table. I feel like this would not pass U.S. building codes. One girl was even standing on the ledge with her phone high in the sky for a selfie. I couldn’t look, I just knew I’d have to watch her tumble to her death.


We enjoyed fine cocktails and appetizers while reminiscing over the last ten days together. WE MADE IT! After many flights, taxis, trains, songtaos, tuk-tuks, buses and cities later our time together had come to an end. I am so thankful for our time we were able to spend together. I will cherish it forever.

I know it wasn’t easy for her to leave my dad for so long let alone while my Papa was sick. She stayed so strong for me when our family was delivered such heartbreaking news. I know as a manager, it isn’t easy for her to leave her colleagues and patients at work. This is the longest she has ever been away from her husband or her job. She is selfless, kind and everything I hope to be. I know this trip was out of her comfort zone and not easy for her to pull of logistically or financially, but she pulled it off without a hitch. Thank you, Mom! I am happy I was able to help you add some stamps in that passport of yours and memories in your heart. I love you to the moon, girl!

My last big trip before I leave Asia is Bali! Stay tuned, I’ve found heaven and you’ll want to read about it.


Still on a bender of 70’s music, I thought I’d end this one with a nod to one our favorites, Elton John. This song always reminds of my traveling and those pivotal, life changing moments the occur.

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