Behind the Lens

My love of photography first reared its head when I moved to Charleston, SC. It is an easy thing to get into when there is so many beautiful things to all around you. With its mixture of old and new, I would hop on my bike and ride all over the peninsula to snap photos of all the details around me with my iPhone. I later took a film photography class in college, that changed my perspective and gave me some additional guidance for my new found hobby. Still strolling the city for snapshots on my bike. Much like Charleston, my travels have also fueled my love of photography. When everything around you is new and fresh, a sight to be seen, it is around not to want to document it.

For reference:

My film camera was gifted to me by my Grandpa. It is a Canon Ae-1 SLR 35mm.

My digital camera was my college graduation from my parents before I set off on my first travel adventures. It is a Canon Powershot SX60 HS.

**None of my photos are edited, mostly because I’m lazy. Second, I like the organic imperections**